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Ultra Care Cleaning Services is a Canberra based Quality Assured proprietary limited contract cleaning company with two hands-on Directors. The Directors have worked tirelessly over the past 20 years to maintain a consistent reputation for quality service at a fair price. Their combined skills and experience make them a winning team. They are passionately committed to offering superior services to all their clients and they are justifiably proud of their high profile as an ethical company operating within the Canberra landscape.

Christine Johnston, Director (Quality)

Christine has a BA, DipEd and Masters in Education from the University of Sydney. These qualifications, combined with her extensive experience in both secondary and tertiary education sectors, makes her a highly qualified and competent Quality Manager. Christine also brings to the UCCS table solid prior experience in the SME sector.

Luke Aleksoski, Director (Operations)

Luke has a Bachelor of Management Degree from the University of Canberra and this educational background, combined with his extensive experience in the cleaning industry, ensures that he demonstrates superior management skills in his role. Luke has worked in this industry for more than 30 years and works hard to maintain open lines of communication with clients and with the UCCS staff.


UCCS provides a raft of services across both government and private sectors in Canberra including:

  • Full time day and evening cleaning
  • Part time day and evening cleaning
  • Periodical cleaning 
  • 7 day per week cleaning at selected sites
  • Emergency call-outs to all our sites
  • Museum cleaning
  • Caretaking services for building owners
  • Waste services (including recycling statistics)
  • Provision of sanitary services
  • Supply of consumables

UCCS currently employs more than 70 staff across more than 45 sites that range in size from 45,000 m2 down to individual tenancies of less than 200 m2. There are two full time Area Supervisors who work in close communication with the two Directors to ensure the day-to-day smooth running of all the contracts.

The UCCS service delivery model is underpinned by the Total Quality Management System which comprises four integrated components:

  1. Quality policies and procedures 
  2. WHS policies and procedures
  3. Performance evaluation measures
  4. Environmental best practices

This TQM System is audited externally against the IMS – AS/NZS 4801:2001 ans QMS – AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 international standards. Its effectiveness and relevance are continuously reviewed and modified to meet changing requirements.


From the beginning, UCCS develops tender responses in accordance with the clearly defined Quality Plan for Service Delivery that is the foundation of our TQM System. The steps followed include:

An initial detailed Task Analysis of the Specifications to determine human and physical resourcing levels required to ensure consistent Quality outcomes at a competitive price.

Development of individual duty statements for all cleaning staff for that contract so that all specified tasks are covered and so that all cleaners have fair and equitable workloads.

Recruitment of staff suitable for the duties set down in these duty statements.

Supply of well maintained equipment and materials needed to ensure that cleaning staff are properly supported to perform their designated duties.

Supply of environmentally friendly bio-degradable cleaning products and the use of micro-fibre technology to minimise any potential adverse impact on the environment.

Initial on-site induction and ongoing on-site training with constant supportive mentoring and supervision.


UCCS brings to the Canberra commercial cleaning industry the following characteristics that differentiates them from their competitors:

  • Local Canberra and Region SME
  • Proprietory limited company with two active working directors
  • Direct access for clients to the two Directors at all times
  • Assurance that decisions can be made at once by the Directors without having to seek approval from an interstate Head Office
  • Capacity to respond to emergencies and special requests within the hour
  • A thoroughly tested and proven TQM System that is constantly being reviewed, audited and adapted to ensure continuous relevant change is occurring
  • A clear understanding that UCCS are only as good as their staff hence the strong emphasis placed by the Directors on support, mentoring, training and acknowledgement of work done well and equipping the cleaning staff with the best possible tools for their work
  • Pride in the well-earned reputation as an ethical company with the primary goal of not just meeting expectations of their clients but striving to exceed these expectations
  • Firm belief in the vital importance of open and unfettered communication with clients to maintain that reputation

The UCCS reputation is demonstrated by the fact that they have an outstanding record of retaining major contracts over time. In an industry all too often plagued by over-emphasis on the “bottom line”, UCCS continues to prove that they provide outstanding Quality service at a fair price. The two Directors keep abreast of cutting edge technological advances in their industry through reading all the latest industry journals, attendance at Trade Fairs and International conferences and through utilising the research done by suppliers in their field to adopt best practice.

They also retain staff over time, because their staff appreciate the fact that their work is valued and that they are treated with dignity and respect. They know that their workloads are fair and equitable, that they are always paid in accordance with Award provisions and that the two Directors are supportive when any staff member has a family crisis or health issue requiring flexibility. The staff are treated each year to a very special Christmas lunch as one way of thanking them for their loyalty, hard work and commitment to the “Ultra Care Family”. 

Ultra Care Cleaning Services
ACN: 098 614 727
ABN: 54 098 614 727
Phone: 02 6280 9500
Mobile: 0419 988 552
Fax: 02 6280 9400

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